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Crozdesk.com is the most advanced business software discovery platform out there. Since 2014, we help buyers find and compare between 1000s of software products across 230+ different categories.

Whether you're looking for accounting, marketing, CRM or design software, Crozdesk has you covered. Our analyst-grade reports, curated software stacks, expert reviews, user recommendations and other resources help millions of businesses around the world boost their productivity through software.

Crozdesk now runs AI and machine learning ranking algorithms powering entirely unbiased software recommendations.

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The Crozdesk Team

Nicholas Hopper

Nicholas Hopper

Nick founded Crozdesk and serves as CEO, designer and front-end developer of the team.

Alexandru Stoian

Alexandru Stoian

Alex is the CTO and lead developer, managing the technology and product development functions.

Robin Scharf

Robin Scharf

Robin works on data related projects and handles a range of day-to-day operations.

Miguel Heinonen

Mika Heinonen

Mika works on day-to-day operations, sales and vendor development at Crozdesk.

Tom Dearlove

Thomas Dearlove

Tom works on content production and manages the Crozdesk blog.

Orion DeVries

Orion DeVries
Junior Operations

Orion works on research liason, operations and PR functions.

Filip Surowiak

Filip Surowiak
BD Advisor

Filip has been an advisor since the early days of Crozdesk.

Baha Baizhikenov

Baha Baizhikenov
Development Advisor

Baha is Crozdesk's backend-development and architecture advisor.

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Companies who use Crozdesk

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Office Address:  Crozdesk Ltd
 83 Rivington Street
 London EC2A 3AY
 United Kingdom
+44(0) 333 567 4242
Registered Address:  Crozdesk Ltd
 20-22 Wenlock Road,
 London N1 7GU,
 United Kingdom

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