Best Mobile Analytics Software in 2018

An ever-increasing number of consumers today use mobile devices to search for products and services on the web. Businesses have to gather data about their ‘mobile consumers’, leading to the need for specific mobile analytics. Mobile analytics’ solutions enable businesses to gather data about mobile customers / users using their platform or mobile app to generate reports and track KPIs. Solutions often highlight the key trends and changes in performance indicators that can help better cater to target audiences. 

App Annie

App Annie 86


App Annie is an app ranking, analytics and market intelligence platform, mainly for games and apps. More Information...


AppsFlyer 81


AppsFlyer is mobile attribution & marketing analytics platform. More Information...


Adjust 80


Adjust is a mobile analytics and measurement tool. More Information...


Kochava 77


Kochava is mobile attribution and mobile analytics platform. More Information...


Tenjin 52


Growth Data Infrastructure for mobile apps, providing marketers with a platform for app analytics, attribution, aggregation, and data warehousing for direct access to data. More Information...


Liquid 32


Liquid combines mobile app analytics and content personalization in a single, one-stop-shop suite. More Information...

GDS Mobile

GDS Mobile 28


The enterprise mobility app that didn't come with your ERP More Information...


Amplitude 87


Amplitude is an analytics tool that helps understand user behavior. More Information...


IP2Location 86


IP2Location is a non-intrusive IP geolocation solution to help you to identify visitor's geographical location. The solution is available as database, API and hosted. More Information...


Appsee 81


Appsee is a simple and powerful visual in-app analytics platform that enables companies to measure, understand and improve the user experience in their mobile apps. More Information...


Countly 75


360° Web and Mobile Analytics platform. It collects data from applications, processes this data in real-time and gives you advanced tools to understand your users better. More Information...


DataHero 73


DataHero is a leading cloud business intelligence software platform that specializes in data visualization and data dashboards. More Information...


mParticle 67


mParticle is a unified customer data platform. More Information...


Appknox 58


Appknox is mobile application vulnerability detection and security certification software. More Information... 46


Easily gather in-app user feedback on websites, Apple iOS apps and Android apps. More Information...


AppBi 41


AppBi is an Intelligent Apple Search Ads Bidding Platform. AppBi Data have helped hundreds of developers around the world to reduce the average cost of Search Ads. More Information...


Pri-Num 32


Pri-Num offers versatile and secure digital enablement solutions that can be embedded into devices, services, and experiences. More Information...


TeamBee 30


TeamBee allows corporations / administrators to convert their spreadsheet into digital forms. More Information...


Testlauncher 28


Testlauncher is a full-service web and mobile testing platform completely removing the need to hire in-house QA testers. More Information...


Traken 23


With Traken you can build clear mobile dashboards that keep your teams instantly informed. More Information...

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