Best Calendar & Scheduling Software in 2018

These applications help businesses schedule meetings, phone calls, appointments, and webinars quickly with the help of integration's with online calendars. With the help of this software type, you can easily check the availability of your coworkers, pick a suitable time for everyone in the team and schedule meetings and events. Scheduling software saves you the hassle of sending emails back-and-forth. It is also handy if you wish to set up meetings with team members in different time zones. Calendar and scheduling software is a must for distributed businesses to manage their schedule efficiently and to save time.  Read the full software guide... 87


Social media monitoring, engagement, publishing, analytics & customer experience management. All on one unified, easy-to-use platform. More Information...

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro 69


Our #1 rated app and web portal will put you back in control & delight your customers. Scheduling, dispatching, GPS tracking, CRM, invoicing, credit card processing, more. More Information...


Setmore 81


Setmore is web-based appointment scheduling platform. More Information... 76

(11) helps to schedule meetings quickly and easily through the integration with calendars online. More Information...


BookSteam 74


BookSteam is a cloud-based appointment scheduling platform for service providers of any kind. More Information...




Web Based Room Booking & Resource scheduling solution, available in both cloud-hosted & on-premises editions & accessible via your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device More Information...


CozyCal 36


CozyCal is a simple, customizable and embeddable scheduling software for individual small business owners, service professionals and freelancers. More Information...

Appointment Reminder

Appointment Reminder 29


Automated SMS appointment reminders to reduce no-shows. Integrates with your existing calendar. More Information...

ChronoFlo Calendar

ChronoFlo Calendar 25


ChronoFlo Calendar makes it dead easy for anyone to create a beautiful interactive calendar for promoting their events or managing their life. More Information...


TSheets 92


TSheets is the cloud-based time tracking and scheduling solution that’s changing the way 40,000+ customers track their time in 100+ countries. More Information...


MavSocial 87


MavSocial is a social media visual content management & advertising platform for brands and agencies More Information...


Deputy 87


Staff rota software with time and attendance. Save time, improve visibility, leave spreadsheets and paper rotas behind. More Information... 84

(152) is online time tracking for payroll and billing. Employees clock in from their desks or mobile and track time for clients too. Time integrates with QuickBooks. More Information...

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling 83


Acuity Scheduling is online appointments booking and scheduling software. More Information...


Schedulicity 83


Schedulicity is an online appointment booking software for small businesses and service professionals. More Information...


Kareo 83


Kareo is web-based solution for heath care practice administration. More Information...


Appointy 81


Appointy is a feature-packed, and easy-to-use scheduling software, with stellar reviews that has helped over 130,000+ business owners across 110 verticals grow their business. More Information...


Hubstaff 81


Lightweight, native time tracking tool that includes screenshots, time tracking and project management. Pay your team members with a click of a button. More Information...

Relenta CRM

Relenta CRM 79


Email-based CRM for people who get things done. More Information... 79

(12) is a simple yet powerful online project management tool that enables you and your team to plan, track, monitor and report on your projects in real-time. More Information...


17hats 78


17hats automates business processes using its billing, scheduling, payment processing, bookkeeping, contracts signing, and client communications. More Information...


Bookeo 77


Bookeo is a commission free online scheduling and reservation system for professionals, schools and teachers, tour providers and escape rooms. More Information...


Hitask 75


Comprehensive, clutter-free project management for any team or business. More Information...


MassageBook 74


Massage professional: MassageBook is an online practice management software solution to help professional massage therapists and bodyworkers achieve business success. More Information...


TeamUp 72


TeamUp is a leading bookings, payments and client management system serving the health and fitness market. More Information...

Therapy Notes

Therapy Notes 70


TherapyNotes is a health practice management application with automatic to-do lists. More Information...


Thingthing 69


Thingthing is an iOS keyboard that allows you to share your Calendar availability, Dropbox files, Google docs, Todoist tasks, Facebook photos, Instagrams, GIFs, and more! More Information...


Ximble 67


Ximble is a powerful, cloud-based workforce management system, simplifying employee scheduling and time tracking for retailers, restaurants and SMBs. More Information...


BookedIN 65


Calm your appointment scheduling chaos and get control of your busy day. More Information...


1CRM 64


1CRM enables businesses to create long-lasting customer relationships and experiences with the most intuitive, customizable and cost-effective CRM solution on the market. More Information...


Healthie 64


Healthie is the leading HIPAA-compliant EHR & Telehealth platform for nutrition professionals. More Information...

Mithi SkyConnect

Mithi SkyConnect 60


Cloud email and collaboration solution for the smart business. More Information...


BookingLive 60


BookingLive provides online appointment systems for businesses of all sizes. Our software comes packed with features, from automated notifications to in depth reports. More Information...

Zola Suite

Zola Suite 57


Zola Suite provides next generation, cloud-based practice management software to solo, small and mid-sized law firms. More Information...


LocalMed 54


LocalMed Connect is the only true real-time dental scheduling platform, allowing patients to find and schedule real-time appointments online from anywhere, 24/7. More Information...


Bookafy 53


Manage and automate scheduling for phone calls, meeting and appointments. More Information...

NurseGrid Manager

NurseGrid Manager 53


NurseGrid Manager helps nursing departments simplify and centralize communication, staffing, and schedule management, improving job satisfaction and increasing productivity. More Information...


Publer 53


Let a Superhero help you manage your Facebook More Information...


mylyapp 51


myly is a free school mobile app connect to parent teacher & student. More Information...


UpKeep 50


UpKeep helps facility, property, restaurant, and manufacturing managers improve communication by enabling real-time status updates for your team. More Information...


Admation 47


approval workflow, project management and resource management software for marketing teams and ad agencies More Information...


AgentDrive 46


The data-driven sales, marketing and advertising platform for real professionals. More Information...


MakePlans 39


MakePlans gives you everything you need to keep track of your appointments and event signups. You get a simple booking site which sends SMS reminders to your customers. More Information...


NetDispatcher 32


Simple and Easy to Use Field Service Platform Once you’ve tried field service management software, you’ll never want to go back to pen and paper again. Make more money today. More Information...


Mobilimeet 30


Mobilimeet is a smart collaboration app that makes meeting participants engaged and productive before, during and after meetings. More Information...


Joiqu 28


Joiqu is a simple and powerful workspace & project communication software for teams and projects. Collaborate, communicate and work more efficiently, securely in the cloud. More Information...

eResource Scheduler

eResource Scheduler 28


eResource Scheduler has been developed with the aim of providing powerful yet affordable resource scheduling, planning and management software to organizations of all types. More Information...


Kelloo 28


Kelloo's resource planning software lets you organize, prioritize and plan your project work in a quick and visual way. Easy to use, flexible resource scheduling solution. More Information...

OmegaPrax Dental

OmegaPrax Dental 27


OmegaPrax Dental is the industries most affordable and efficient way of helping your practice simplify the daily tasks necessary to run a successful practice. More Information...


Actionmint 24


Create tasks and follow progress, view reports, create notes, all in a seamless workflow. Actionmint helps you to be more organized and productive. More Information...

Calendar & Scheduling Software Guide

What is Calendar & Scheduling Software?

Calendar software helps you create and edit online calendars and share them with multiple users.

The software generally allows you to set your availability and check the availability of other users, which makes scheduling easier for everyone in the group or organization.

Organizations often use scheduling software to schedule business meetings and appointments, create and manage employee schedules, assign jobs, plan work shifts and track everything in real time.

More advanced products allow you to track employee attendance and work hours, set automatic reminders for upcoming meetings and appointments, and make informed scheduling decisions based on a worker’s availability, skill sets and current location.

Most products allow employees to update job status in real time, even when they are working off-site. Some even allow employees to swap shifts with their colleagues.

Other key functionalities include automated scheduling, time zone synchronization, resource scheduling, and the ability to generate reports on no-shows, paid time-off, etc.

How to Choose Calendar & Scheduling Software for Your Business

What type of scheduling solution you need depends on the nature and size of your business. Service-based businesses, such as, saloons, dental clinics, restaurants and field service providers must have appointment scheduling software, while almost any business with more than a few workers will need an employee scheduling solution. If you are looking for features exclusive to a certain sector, consider choosing an industry-specific solution.

Considering the size of your business and its growth potential is also important. For instance, a startup with less than 20 employees may need basic calendar management and online booking functionalities. SMBs with around 100 employees may require time tracking, resource scheduling and shift planning features. If your business is likely to grow fast, you need a scalable solution. On the other hand, enterprises with hundreds of employees working from multiple locations often need a fully featured product capable of addressing any scheduling needs from a single point.

You should also consider if you have any industry-specific requirements. For instance, on-location service providers, such as, transportation companies often require coordinating shifts between multiple locations. Healthcare companies often need to send automated reminders for last minute schedule changes. Here are some other things to consider.

  • Ease of use – Check if the software provides customizable shift templates, multiple calendar viewing options (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and drag and drop interfaces. Can you quickly create a shift template, reuse it, drag names of employees onto it, and upload employee data directly from a spreadsheet?
  • Integration – Consider your integration needs. For instance, retail shops may need a scheduling solution that integrates with their POS systems. On the other hand, caterers may look for a product that integrates with Google Maps, so that their off-site employees can easily see maps and get directions.

  • Reporting – More advanced products record employee work hours, pull data from POS systems to generate reports on labor costs, sales and future expenses.

Types of Calendar & Scheduling Software

Not all products under this category are designed to address the same kinds of scheduling needs. Depending on their area of focus, these products can be categorized into three main types.

  1. Appointment scheduling – This type of software specializes in scheduling, tracking and managing appointments and meetings. Companies also use these products to take online bookings and manage reservations.
    Appointment scheduling software usually comes with a centralized scheduling board that allows both administrators and users to view availability and manage bookings. Administrators can enforce new scheduling rules and set automated notifications for bookings and cancellations. When a customer sends a booking request, the system automatically confirms or rejects it based on availability. More advanced programs feature the ability to manage a waiting list of booking requests and automatically replaces reservations when someone cancels an existing booking.
  2. Employee scheduling – These products are designed specifically to plan, create, monitor and manage employee schedules. Employee scheduling software allows workers to communicate with managers and coworkers through an inbuilt message center, which makes shift planning easier for everyone.
    The software enables workers to set availability, create and update work schedules and swap shifts with coworkers, without having to take permissions from their managers. In addition, managers can use the program to track employee work hours and assign jobs based on skills and location of workers.
  3. Industry-specific – These products are designed to address the specific scheduling needs of an industry. For instance, products focused on the construction sector usually feature the ability to estimate the time required to complete a task based on the availability of resources, constraints and dependencies. On the other hand, scheduling software focused on restaurants and food businesses usually come with time-clock integration and POS integration capabilities.

Benefits of Calendar & Scheduling Software

By using the right calendar and scheduling software, businesses can gain from the following benefits.

  • More efficient and accurate scheduling – Products in this category centralize scheduling data in a single location, which helps avoid scheduling issues. By automating common scheduling tasks, most products also help avoid manual errors.

  • More informed scheduling decisions – The software lets managers access each employee’s contact details, skills, experience, qualifications, availability and current location, making it easier for them to create and revise schedules.

  • Tracking labor costs – Employee scheduling software tracks work hours, paid time-offs and overall labor costs, which helps managers with budgeting.
  • Reducing no-shows – Appointment scheduling software sends automated email and SMS reminders for upcoming events, which helps reduce no-shows.

Overall, calendar and scheduling software helps businesses save time and money on scheduling.

Common Features of Calendar & Scheduling

API Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are programmatic intersections with external products or platforms that allow for custom integrations with your own solutions or other solutions you are using.
Calendar Management Manage and update calendars for scheduling or consolidation of events across teams, departments or business functions.
Contact Management Manage large amounts of personal or business contacts in a centralized system.
Contact Sharing Share contacts across teams or platforms to give access to others or to migrate address books across different systems.
Email Integration Integration with email clients or providers to create and send emails as well as view received emails within an application.
External Integrations Integrations with other software products or platforms to improve efficiency and compatibility across systems.
Google Apps Integration Integration with the G Suite, including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, etc.
Multi-User Supports more than just one user account and generally allows for collaboration with colleagues.
Notifications Includes notification support and sends you alerts with information on important events and other time sensitive instances. For example through push notifications on mobile phones or email notifications.
Project Management Manage projects from conception through the planning stage to delivery and post-project reporting phases. This allows organisation teams to organise resources, plan budgets and improve efficiency in the delivery of project objectives.
Scheduling Schedule tasks, resources, appointments, payments, communications, etc.

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