Best Cloud Storage Software in 2018

This type of software helps users save data in the cloud, where it is accessible from various networks and at any point of time. Apart from file storage, such software also offers additional services such as synchronization, content management and file sharing. Cloud storage software helps businesses organize their data efficiently, and store it in a safe and secure fashion, where it can be accessed anytime. The ability to easily store and access data can be crucial for successful collaboration. 

Google Drive

Google Drive 93


Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service that offers its users 15 GB of free space. More Information...


Box 92


Box is an online file sharing and personal cloud content management service for businesses More Information...


Dropbox 91


Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. More Information...

Unitrends Recovery

Unitrends Recovery 79


Recovery Series backup appliances is enterprise backup and recovery service. More Information...


Tresorit 78


Tresorit is a Swiss, encrypted cloud storage & file sharing provider, protecting files with AES-256-bit end-to-end encryption More Information...


Filecamp 70


Filecamp is a lightweight, out-of-the-box, easy-to-use, cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. More Information...

Google Docs

Google Docs 93


Google Docs is a free Web-based application in which documents can be created, edited and stored online. More Information...


OneCloudDrive 54


OneCloudDrive is your single point access to manage your data across various cloud providers. It features a powerful music player that will play music in the background. More Information...


Backblaze 87


Backblaze is a cloud-based data protection and backup tool. More Information...


Carbonite 81


Carbonite is one of the world's most recognizable cloud backup services. More Information...

Little Green Light

Little Green Light 72


A scalable, all-in-one fundraising and donor cloud-based CRM that is intuitive and easy to use. Advanced features include data segmentation, event tracking, and data analysis. More Information...


Clinked 37


Clinked is a cloud-based client portal solution offering businesses a fully white-labelled environment for sharing files and collaborating with team members and clients. More Information...


Snapcloud 35


Snapcloud: image storage for creatives and teams. Keep your image resources and stock photos in one place, simply organised, instantly searchable and accessible from anywhere. More Information...


SmartFile 67


SmartFile delivers the most scalable and compliant file management platform. Consolidate file servers, FTP servers, and other file sharing services into a single application. More Information...


ScaleGrid 62


ScaleGrid's fully managed database hosting makes it easy to automate, secure, and scale your MongoDB and Redis deployments on AWS, Azure, and DigitalOcean. More Information...

Mithi SkyConnect

Mithi SkyConnect 59


Cloud email and collaboration solution for the smart business. More Information...


SmarterBackups 25


Enterprise-level, artificial intelligence-driven cloud storage and data backup platform for business. Embedded productivity tools to drive efficient business operations. More Information...


StoneFusion 50


The award-winning StoneFusionĀ® Network Storage Platform (NSP), Storage networking operating system architecture, brings in block level storage intelligence to the IP network More Information...


Sparknode 35


Sparknode is a simple cloud-server hosting platform. Spark up a cloud server in just 2 minutes. More Information...


Ftopia 34


ftopia is an online file sharing service for professionals that enables teams to create customized private workspaces and to invite customers and suppliers to share files. More Information...


ipushpull 33


ipushpull is a live data sharing and collaboration platform. We improve workflow through real-time data interoperability and by eliminating file sharing. More Information...


Stample 32


Stample is a saas collaborative platform to curate, organize and share knowledge to mutualize the digital research teams. It provides an intuitive and mobile-friendly environment for all users. More Information...


Vaultastic 29


The easiest, most secure email archiving solution yet! More Information...


GigaFile 28


GigaFile is a simple file sharing web app with unlimited cloud storage for all users, no file size limits and no speed or traffic limits. More Information...


689Cloud 27


Cloud-based platform and customized solution that makes simplify secured file sharing & collaboration on Cloud for internal & external business. More Information...


dealcloser 23


dealcloser is an online platform designed for corporate lawyers that makes the transaction process more efficient and accurate. More Information...

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