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Best Email Software in 2018

This subcategory houses solutions that provide digital correspondence services. Emails are at the core of both business and personal communication and are responsible for a majority of exchanges. Email solutions can vary through all the consideration factors mentioned and depending on the intended use, the number of people involved and the versatility, you have plenty of options to choose from. Ranging from simple solutions that offer the basic email sending functionality to complex ones that allow you to schedule emails and other tasks, using temporary mail servers and integrated functions like sales and conversion rate tracking. 


Sanebox 88


Sanebox is an email management tool that prioritizes important emails and summarizes the rest. More Information...


MailGun 86


MailGun is email automation service built for developers. More Information...


Yesware 86


Yesware is an email tracking & sales toolkit. Track customer engagement, choose from existing or make your own sales templates, and log calls to CRM right from your inbox. More Information...


Mixmax 86


Mixmax is professional productivity tool for Gmail and Google Inbox. More Information...


Unrollme 86


Unrollme combines all your favorite subscriptions into a single beautiful daily digest email. More Information...


Pepipost 84


Pepipost is the world's only ESP that doesn't charge you for emails opened. All emails opened are free. That's our reward to you for good email senders. More Information...


SalesHandy 83


SalesHandy is a sales communication and analytics tool that make internal sales teams highly productive and efficient in engaging with leads. More Information...


Boomerang 82


Boomerang is a Gmail productivity app and extension, mainly intended for business users. More Information...


Mandrill 80


Mandrill is a transactional email API for MailChimp users. More Information...


Gmelius 78


A complete communication solution for teams, right inside your inbox. Powerful tracking, automation, privacy, collaborative features, and more. More Information...


Rocketreach 77


RocketReach is a web-based tool which lets users find email addresses, phone, social links for over 250 million professionals, across 6 million companies, worldwide. More Information...


ToutApp 77


The ToutApp is an email management and sales enablement platform, helping salespeople close deals faster with the power of email tracking. More Information...


SenderGen 74


SenderGen helps sales and marketing teams enhance human email. It provides enterprises a platform that gives visibility and analytics on human-to-human email. More Information...


Zix 70


Zix is a professional an email encryption software. More Information...


Parseur 67


We process your emails automatically, extracting relevant data to automate your workflow in real estate, job applications, deliveries, ride sharing and financial trading. More Information...


Docsify 65


Gmail & G Suite tool that helps salespeople to take only right sales actions based on recipient’s behavior. More Information...

Mithi SkyConnect

Mithi SkyConnect 59


Cloud email and collaboration solution for the smart business. More Information...

Aritic Mail

Aritic Mail 56


Transactional Email Delivery API for Applications & Enterprises More Information...


CheckRecipient 38


CheckRecipient uses AI and machine learning to automatically identify anomalies and mistakes on outgoing emails which may result in inadvertent data loss. More Information...


SwiftERM 34


Predictive Analytics – knowing your customer, Identifying what products they’ll buy and when. Using the data to create individually targeted emails. More Information...


30SecondsMail 33

(0) is the easiest team management tool on the planet. More Information...


Vaultastic 30


The easiest, most secure email archiving solution yet! More Information...


TMail21 28


An email-like service to increase productivity More Information...


MailShelf 26


A Turnkey Solution for Compliant Email Archiving. More Information...


ActiveTrail 89


ActiveTrail is 'All-in-one' email marketing software, offering web-based digital marketing solutions and services. More Information...


Streak 88


Streak solves the frustration of constantly switching between your inbox (where we do our work) & external systems - making it simpler to manage your everyday work processes. More Information...


SendPulse 88


Maximize e-mail marketing open rates automatically. Send marketing and transactional email, sms and webpush. More Information...

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor 87


Campaign Monitor is a creative email marketing platform to help attract new subscribers, send newsletters and receive detailed progress reports. More Information...


Mimecast 87


Mimecast is an email encryption and threat protection solution. More Information...


Snovio 85


Snovio finds and verifies that email address you need when you need it. More Information...


Contactually 82


Contactually is the leading intelligent CRM for real estate professionals. A web-based CRM suite that allows people to oversee and manage their communication activities through easy to use interface. More Information...


Mailjet 82


Mailjet is a web-based marketing and transactional email service. More Information...


Drip 81


Drip is a lightweight email marketing automation tool. More Information...

Relenta CRM

Relenta CRM 79


Email-based CRM for people who get things done. More Information...


Hiver 65


Hiver is an email management software that turns your Gmail into a simple, powerful customer support and collaboration tool. More Information...

Zola Suite

Zola Suite 59


Zola Suite provides next generation, cloud-based practice management software to solo, small and mid-sized law firms. More Information...


Sender 58


Sender makes it easy for e-commerce marketers to send effective email marketing campaigns and drive more revenue. More Information...

PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail 55


Postscan Mail converts postal mail into a digitized copy that can be viewed and managed online. More Information...


AgentDrive 44


The data-driven sales, marketing and advertising platform for real professionals. More Information...


EasyMail7 39


Powerful, In-House Email Marketing Software for Windows More Information...


DynaDo 32


DynaDo organizes your business email, tasks and files around projects and customers so you can easily find and oversee them. More Information...

Pepo Campaigns

Pepo Campaigns 29


Pepo Campaigns provides all the email marketing tools you need to succeed, in a single, easy, affordable solution built on Amazon Web Services More Information...


FewClix 28


Find any email in your mailbox in seconds with FewClix, a free search and productivity Add-In that is integrated inside the Outlook mailbox. More Information...

If No Reply

If No Reply 28


Ridiculously simple email automation that works from your Gmail. Inbound & outbound sales direct from your inbox. Create drip campaigns for new web signups via our API. More Information...

Collab Email

Collab Email 27


Collab Email is the right tool to collaborate with your teams and coworkers without leaving your Gmail window. More Information...


NewsTurbo 27


A professional email marketing software for your own computer. More Information...


Reach 27


iPhone app that lets you write one message and send it to any sized group of people, across multiple platforms, while keeping each message personalized with the names of the recipients. More Information...

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