Best Presentations Software in 2018

Software from this category is used for creating presentations and sharing them with your clients and co-workers. With much of the work being segmented and divided amongst people, presentations are often the best way of communicating data to a wide range of audiences. This subcategory offers solutions that enable you to create visual presentations, create charts and infographics, share diagrams and mind maps that will help your audience understand data better. 

Google Slides

Google Slides 98


With Google Slides, users can create presentations, edit them, and collaborate, wherever they are. More Information...


Prezi 83


The awesome selling power of Prezi backed by an entire suite of creation, collaboration, and analytics tools designed just for business teams. More Information...


Crowdcast 83


Reinventing webinars and virtual conferences. More Information...


Projector 68


Projector lets you present instantly and host web meetings with no downloads from your phone, tablet or desktop. More Information...


Niftio 58


Niftio is a whole presentation platform. Create and deliver stunning presentations, engage with your audience and track your presentation’s performance, all-in-one place. More Information...


Prevue 54


Prevue is an easy design presentation and feedback tool for agencies and their clients. More Information...


OnDevice 25


OnDevice is an online presentation tool made for web design and digital marketing agencies to showcase the benefits of responsive websites to their clients. More Information...


Canva 90


Create graphics for your presentation, website, or blog with a simple drag and drop interface. More Information...


LucidChart 89


Lucidchart makes drawing diagrams, mind maps, wireframes, flow charts and UML sketches easy. Work on visual communication in real time with colleagues or clients for a fraction of the cost of Microsoft Visio. More Information...


Piktochart 89


Piktochart is a cloud-based infographic tool allowing users to create professional-grade infographics in as little as 30 minutes. More Information...


GoAnimate 83


GoAnimate provides a range of cloud-based drag-and-drop tools to make HQ animated video creation easy for everyone. More Information...

Stupeflix Studio

Stupeflix Studio 83


Stupeflix Studio is an online video creation application that allows photos, videos, maps, text and music to be mixed into great digital video content. More Information...


Creately 82


Creately is a visual collaboration platform allowing the real-time co-creation of flowcharts, UML diagrams, mind maps, business process models and more. More Information...


PowToon 80


Powtoon is a drag-and-drop cloud-based animation software for creating videos and presentations. More Information...


VideoScribe 79


VideoScribe is a whiteboard video animation software allowing anyone to create professional-like animations with HD video output. More Information...


Groupboard 52


Online whiteboard and web conferencing software which can be embedded in your own website. More Information...


Convene 37


Convene is a board meeting software that saves time, effort and cost whilst ensuring accountability and good corporate governance. Used by Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies. More Information...


HiHaHo 24


With HiHaHo, you can make any video interactive. Involve viewers by inserting interactions and integrate them into existing learning tracks. More Information...

Live Center

Live Center 9


Live Center is a live blogging software which allows publishers and media companies to bring breaking news to their readers in real-time. More Information...

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