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What is LiveChat?

"LiveChat is a premium live chat and help desk application, which allows real-time communication with website visitors."

LiveChat is an online chat solution that allows customer service agents to contact customers directly on their website.

In addition to its popular live chat feature, which enables service agents to communicate with leads on their websites in real-time.

LiveChat also includes features such as help desk ticketing systems, tags, file-sharing, reports, feedback statistics, and eCommerce capabilities for measuring the impact chat has on online sales.

LiveChat scored 95/100 (No. 1 in Customer Chat) in the Customer Chat category. This is based on user satisfaction (98/100), press buzz (52/100), recent user trends (rising), and other relevant information on LiveChat gathered from around the web.

The score for this service has improved over the past month. What is this?

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Customer Chat Market Radar

LiveChat Product Overview

  • Tickets: Keeps the communication going and handles cases via tickets.

  • Customization: Fine-tuning of the look and developing user's brand awareness.

  • Tags: Assigning case-specific tags to chats and tickets to easily find them in the Archives.

  • File-sharing: Sharing files with website visitors over chat.

  • Reports: Data gathered by LiveChat is available in easy to read statistics and graphs.

  • Chats: Enables quick respond to user's customers and handling several chats at once using the chat improvements.

Languages: Armenian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

LiveChat Features

  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • API
  • Batch Permissions & Access
  • Calendar Management
  • Chat
  • Contact Management
  • Contact Sharing
  • Customer Management
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Data Visualization
  • Email Integration
  • External Integrations
  • File Sharing
  • File Transfer
  • Forecasting
  • Gantt Charts
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Scoring
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Project Management
  • Scheduling
  • Supplier Management
  • Task Scheduling/Tracking
  • Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons
  • Call Tracking
  • Time Management
  • Click-to-Dial
  • SAP Integration
  • Net Promoter Score

LiveChat Pricing Plans

Other pricing information:

LiveChat is offered as SaaS, and comes with a 30-day free trial. There are 4 plans to choose from:

  • Starter - $16/seat/month
  • Team - $33/seat/month
  • Business - $50/seat/month
  • Enterprise - $149/seat/month
Plans starting from: $16.00/month Credit card required: N/A

LiveChat FAQs

What are some applications LiveChat is commonly used in tandem with?

It is most commonly used in tandem with: Facebook, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Desk.com, Zendesk, and Google Analytics.

Does LiveChat offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

Support is provided 24/7/365 via live chat, email, phone, knowledge base.

Who are the main user groups of LiveChat?

Sales and support teams in industries of all sizes.

What platforms does LiveChat support?

LiveChat is available for web browsers, dedicated applications for Windows, Mac OS X and mobile devices running iOS and Android.

Does LiveChat offer an API?

LiveChat is available for custom integrations over REST-based API.

Does LiveChat integrate with any other apps?

It integrates with many services, like: Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Desk.com, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Facebook, Dropbox, and Zapier. There are more than 60+ integrations available.

What is LiveChat generally used for?

LiveChat is generally used as a real-time chat tool for customer services and online sales.

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LiveChat User Reviews

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4.88/5 based on 19 user ratings.
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Good Customer Relationship Program

// Administrator at Lucky Table

What do you like about LiveChat?

LiveChat is very simple and easy to use. The program gives us the opportunity to serve customers and respond faster to their questions than by email and phone. And clients in turn are satisfied with the fact that they do not need to wait long for answers to emerging questions. We like that there is an opportunity to communicate with customers on the site much faster, this makes it possible to make our work productive.

What do you dislike about LiveChat?

The Android application does not always work properly, but it's not a problem for us. And so I did not find any minuses. I'm satisfied with the program and its capabilities.

What have you been using it for and what problems did LiveChat solve?

LiveChat perfectly gives us the opportunity to quickly serve customers, while they do not need to wait. In addition, there is a big plus - we can easily and quickly track what is most interested in our customers. As a result of our work, we noticed that orders increased on our website after we started using LiveChat.

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
User profile picture

LiveChat is for you

// Designer at Red Bull Distribution Company

What do you like about LiveChat?

The program allows us to serve customers and answer their questions faster than via email and more efficiently than by phone. Customers are satisfied that they do not have to wait long for questions that arise.

What do you dislike about LiveChat?

Always it is necessary aspires to any convictions, but I yet can not offer anything concrete.

What have you been using it for and what problems did LiveChat solve?

This program helps our team, quickly and efficiently serve customers without forcing them to wait. Also we can more easily and quickly monitor what interests our customers the most.

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
User profile picture

A small but very useful feature on your site

// Customer Service Representative at Secury

What do you like about LiveChat?

Every visitor on your site can be your potential client, so you need to worry about that all the questions that interest him or her. Instantly answered and LiveChat will help you with this. We save not only our time but also the time of our customers, because they no longer need to log in to their e-mail and from there send messages to us and wait for a long response, everything happens on the site, it is very convenient, and we have repeatedly received letters of gratitude from our clients. Going to the page, you can immediately invite the client to the chat, because the greeting is automatically displayed on the screen. You can be the ray of your competitors if your site visitors are happy. Instant live chat can be a useful feature of your site; you will not regret that you have purchased this program. I think LiveChat will be more useful for medium and large companies.

What do you dislike about LiveChat?

Honestly, I cannot even imagine what disadvantages such a program might have, because all functions work well, all messages come instantly (we checked more than once).

What have you been using it for and what problems did LiveChat solve?

LiveChat helps our teamwork more effectively with our customers, because the answers to any questions will be received instantly. I think every person who comes to any site with products wants to quickly find out about the availability of goods in the warehouse, possible discounts, and delivery conditions.

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
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