Best Library Systems Software in 2018

This segment allows you to review and compare library systems used for organizing and cataloging creative elements. Every designer uses different media elements (audio, images, videos, text) and having them organized in dedicated media library systems is very advantageous. Software in this list will let you create your own content libraries or use media libraries that have been pre-compiled. Some of the solutions include sharing and collaboration capabilities and serve as multimedia hubs for design and marketing teams. 




BLUE's label and artwork management applications enable marketing, retail, CPG and life sciences clients to satisfy the demands of creative, brand and regulatory compliance. More Information...

Limecraft Flow

Limecraft Flow 46


Limecraft Flow is a cloud-based a Video Asset Management and collaboration platform geared towards professional content production. More Information...


Collecto 24


Create collections of items, organize them just the way you want, and share them with others. More Information...


iStockphoto 91


iStockphoto is an online, royalty-free, stock photography, media and design provider. More Information... 82


Complete solution for managing your digital assets. Find any of your creative files, collaborate with colleagues on new projects, share your work with clients and partners. More Information...


zeroerp 55


It is a school management software with multiple features such as timetable management, library management, GPS Tracking system, chat and more. More Information...


Shelf 53


Shelf is an award winning knowledge management tool that helps companies save time and avoid costly mistakes. More Information...


Worka 47


Worka is a tool that helps creatives to create online portfolios. Artists can showcase their work with the many features that this product has to offer. More Information...

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