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Best Training and Onboarding Software in 2018

Corporate training plays a major role in helping employees adapt to today’s fast-moving business environment. Employee training software helps provide training online and makes training management easier and more cost effective for organizations. These products usually feature the ability to create a custom course for employees, conduct interactive training sessions and also allow attendees to take notes, ask questions, upload videos and access training materials online. More advanced features include the ability to assign a course to specific users and to deliver training across different geographies. On the other hand, onboarding software helps onboard new employees online. Key features include the ability to create and use onboarding forms and e-signatures and to automatically send greetings, assign tasks and send reminders to new employees. 

Crozdesk Software Ranking 2018

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Training and Onboarding Software is a great way to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the orientation process. Apart from saving money on recruiting and training, it helps HR departments to prepare new hires to excel from day one, setting them on a trajectory toward being familiar with the companies product, services, and company culture.

This ranking was published on January 30, 2018. For the most up-to-date Crozscores, user reviews and other information have a look at the full Training and Onboarding product list.

ProProfs Training Maker

ProProfs Training Maker (9)

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As the market leader in Training and Onboarding Software, ProProfs has built a reputation of having a scalable and cost efficient solution for all sized companies. This includes building g friendly courses using existing documents, videos, files and presentations to train your learners. More Information...


Lessonly (54)

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Lessonly has been purposely-built for training sales and support teams. With Lessonly, companies and managers quickly transform knowledge into shareable lessons and resources, engage employees through interactive feedback loops, accelerate rep and team performance, and measure the impact of better learning across their organizations. More Information...


Litmos (192)

  • Crozdesk Icon Grey

Litmos is recognized as one of the easiest platform to use. It provides a learning management solution for business that will automate internal and external learning programs by unifying virtual, classroom, mobile an social capabilities in a single, secure and scalable platform. More Information...

Qualtrics Employee Experience

Qualtrics Employee Experience (209)

  • Crozdesk Icon Grey

Qualtrics Employee Experience is platform that is designed to help business reduce unwanted attrition, improve employee engagement, develop top performers, and build strong teams, by optimizing the employee experience. More Information...


Skyprep (39)

  • Crozdesk Icon Grey

SkyPrep is a learning management system that offers training administrators the ability to create in-house training for companies or teachers that want to monetize their training courses. All courses can be branded and customized with an organization’s own URL, logo and color theme making it a complete solution. More Information...


Looop (22)

  • Crozdesk Icon Grey

Looop is a flexible learning platform that makes it easier for HR managers to quickly deliver effective employee training by creating a modern online learning space for your workplace or organization. More Information...


Kannu (16)

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Kannu is mostly geared towards administrators that do not have a technology background. Users create a fully customized platform to match the organization or brand of their choice. The analytical tools guide the administrators how to boost engagement and retention in learners. More Information...


eloomi (6)

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Eloomi is a learning & performance management solution that is known for it simple interface. Eloomi lets you pick the functionalities that are right for your audience to strip away distracting features in order to engage new recruits. More Information...

Torch LMS

Torch LMS (2)

  • Crozdesk Icon Grey

Torch LMS is an easy-to-use system, designed by workplace learning professionals that focuses on the essential features of learning management for businesses including automation, user-group management, and reporting. Torch LMS’ excellent customer support are at hand to migrate your existing LMS to the Torch system. More Information...


Userlane (6)

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Unlike video tutorials, Userlane’s technology is integrated within the software ecosystem. It leads new users through all the processes and shows a step-by-step where to click on the software. More Information...

This Software Ranking was published on January 30, 2018. All Crozscores are fixed as of that date.