Best Electronic Medical Records Software in 2018

As the name suggests, this category focuses on software solutions that facilitate the the creation, tracking and management of medical records. The transition from physical charts to digital medical records is often addressed by solutions from this segment. This category combines two distinct fields, IT management and healthcare industry, and provides the bridge between them by offering cloud-based services accessible from any medical facility and capable of storing massive amounts of patient records and medical data without taking up valuable office space. They also provide secure sharing services that can be used by medical professionals collaborating on research and development projects. 


athenaClinicals 84


athenaClinicals is a web-based electronic medical records (EMR) software application for medical practices of all sizes. More Information...


eClinicalWorks 74


eClinicalWorks is comprehensive EHR system that is designed to streamline the workflow for healthcare providers. More Information...


Healthie 64


Healthie is the leading HIPAA-compliant EHR & Telehealth platform for nutrition professionals. More Information...

Fusion Web Clinic

Fusion Web Clinic 53


Fusion Web Clinic offers The EMR software for pediatric OT, PT, & SLP, More Information...

Smart Flow

Smart Flow 52


Smart Flow is a veterinary patient management system that makes daily veterinary work paperless and more efficient. More Information...

Castor EDC

Castor EDC 45


Castor EDC makes it easy and affordable for medical researchers worldwide to collect high-quality, standardized FAIR data and make it available for re-use. More Information...


Kalix 40


A HIPAA compliant EMR & practice management solution for dieticians & health professionals. Integrating client care, scheduling, documentation & billing. Only $27/month. More Information...

hCue Dental

hCue Dental 36


Dental Clinic Management Software to transform your clinic to the next level, allowing you to focus on expanding your business. More Information...

HIPAA Compliance Software

HIPAA Compliance Software 54


Our HIPAA Compliance software is a total solution to solve the issue of compliance for both Covered Entities and Business Associates. More Information...


Cunesoft 35


A ready to use, pre-validated and highly secure cloud based regulatory compliance suite. More Information...


eAdjudication 25


Clinical Endpoint Adjudication Management in a GxP validated environment. Used by Academic & Clinical Research Organizations, CROs, Pharma and Medical Devices. More Information...

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