Best Entertainment & Media Software in 2018

Software solutions from this category provide access to all sorts of media and entertainment content. Various types of media can be found using programs from this category: royalty free music, stock images, presentation templates, etc. Specific entertainment segments like podcasting and content marketplaces heavily rely on these programs. Also, these solutions include features like event management, allowing you to register events and then create, promote and sell tickets for them. In addition, you can use them to set up e-commerce platforms designed to sell various activities, classes, memberships, and receive donations as well as create and manage media libraries. 


Auphonic 57


Auphonic is an automatic audio post production web service. More Information...


Mention 90


Mention is a media monitoring software that shows you what's said about your brand, your competitors, and your industry, anywhere online. More Information...


AudioJungle 84


AudioJungle provides an extensive library of royalty-free music and sound effects for films, games, trailers etc. More Information...


Zencastr 74


Zencastr is a service for podcasters that allows them to record their Skype/Hangouts guests in high quality from their web browser. Simply send them a link and record. More Information...


Amilia 72


Amilia provides a unique e-commerce platform designed for selling activities, events, classes, memberships, by-products and receiving donations. More Information...


EZRentOut 60


EZRentOut is a cloud-based equipment rental software for rental businesses. Features include integration with Xero and QuickBooks, and an online storefront. Free 15 day trial! More Information...


Weemss 60


Weemss is an end-to-end ticketing and awards management platform. It gives event organizers a new way to create, promote, sell, and manage their events and awards contests. More Information...

Limecraft Flow

Limecraft Flow 46


Limecraft Flow is a cloud-based a Video Asset Management and collaboration platform geared towards professional content production. More Information...


Fabrik 33


Create smarter, shine brighter. Beautiful portfolio websites powered by clever technology and you. More Information...

Live Center

Live Center 9


Live Center is a live blogging software which allows publishers and media companies to bring breaking news to their readers in real-time. More Information...

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