Best Financial Services Software in 2018

Financial services software is focused on common use-cases in the financial and banking sectors. You will find solutions that assist in the task of stock trading, financial analysis of companies, while some products are designed to support other mission critical segments within the financial services industry. Other solutions cover insurance and risk management, as well as security and contract management. Software products designed for financial services companies often help automate certain repetitive tasks, such as, invoicing, budget structuring, document management, payment processing and financial contract management using digital signatures. 


CardPointe 78


CardPointe is CardConnect's powerful payments portal that gives businesses the power to easily integrate, process and manage credit card payments. More Information...


Onlinecheckwriter 71


Onlinecheckwriter is an online check writing, printing, and reporting service that enable its users to print and keep track of their checks online. More Information...


DealCloud 67


The DealCloud Platform offers the finest capabilities to power the deal making process, going beyond the limitations of traditional CRMs putting clients capital to work. More Information...


Auka 44


Auka is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology company who provide white-label mobile payment platform solutions to banks. More Information...

TNG Wallet

TNG Wallet 41


TNG Wallet is the Next Generation e-wallet which provides services including payment, P2P transfers, global remittance, global bill payments, global cash withdrawals, etc. More Information...


Investfly 38


Investfly is a cloud-based platform to build automated stock trading strategies. There is nothing to install,users can build complex strategies with a simple drag-and-drop UI. More Information...


Moroku 36


Moroku Gamesystem is a financial services focused gamification platform. More Information...


Zimple 34


Cloud based solution for private and regulated lenders; automates loan accounting, ACH payment processing and provides a common work space. For Enterprise, SMB & Consumer. More Information...

Formula Stocks

Formula Stocks 30


Formula Stocks provides access to stock recommendations with a historical 92% win rate and average annual returns of up to 35%. Invest intelligently! More Information...


NuDebt 28


A complete system for the Debt Relief Industry. It handles marketing, negotiations, contracting, payment processing, auto-calculations, payment scheduling, and more. More Information...


Canopy 16


Canopy is a financial data aggregation, visualization, analytics, and reporting platform for high net-worth individuals and their wealth managers to make sense of their data. More Information...


eSignLive 88


Trusted by the world’s most security-conscious brands, eSignLive helps organizations get documents securely e-signed – anywhere, any time and on any device. More Information...


Onehub 77


Onehub provides secure enterprise file storage and sharing. More Information...


Zensed 27


A fraud prevention system that learns & adapts to new sources of threats in real-time. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning we help you stay one step ahead. More Information...


Crunch 75


Crunch delivers accounting software and financial services to empower the small business. More Information...

Little Green Light

Little Green Light 72


A scalable, all-in-one fundraising and donor cloud-based CRM that is intuitive and easy to use. Advanced features include data segmentation, event tracking, and data analysis. More Information...


PDFTables 69


Accurately converts PDF tables to XLS, XML or CSV. It uses an algorithm that 'sees' the structure of the PDF. Designed to work reliably with large quantities of data. More Information...


WorkWave 65


WorkWave is a Field Service Management, Office Management, and Marketing Solutions software. More Information... 61

(5) is a sophisticated Billing-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform with an all-in-one solution for managing end customers' subscriptions, usage, taxation, billing, and payments. More Information...

Lively HSA

Lively HSA 55


Lively is a Health Savings Account platform for employers and individuals. A 401(k) for healthcare. Free for Individuals. More Information...


Katipult 44


Investment management software for commercial real estate. Raise capital and manage investors with a full cycle product, from deal marketing through to investor reporting. More Information...


FinSentS 42


FinSentS is a cutting edge information portal powered by proprietary Natural Language Processing technology. It is coupled with a low latency algorithmic trading portal. More Information...

Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro 41


Shufti Pro is a digital verification company that combines artificial intelligence and human intelligence to successfully & cost-effectively verify customers in 30-60 seconds More Information...


ClaimVantage 39


ClaimVantage transforms life and health claims management for insurance carriers. Built on Salesforce, automated workflows and tasks improve claim processing efficiency. More Information...


Satago 38


Transform your cash flow with Satago - Connect to your accounting software in minutes and get paid on time, save time and reduce risk and access short-term funding. More Information...


iiPay 37


Integrated International Payroll (iiPay) is a market leader in cloud-based global payroll solutions on the strength of technology that solves the global payroll gap. More Information...


Paybase 36


An end-to-end payments platform for any business needing to facilitate payments between multiple parties. Paybase covers payments, compliance and risk under one unified API. More Information...


FundsUP 36


FundsUP is matchmaking platform to connect founders with investors. Create an online profile today and get noticed by top-tier investors around the globe! More Information...


Owlin 35


Never miss a risk, opportunity or emerging trend. Our news analysis algorithms provide you with intelligence on all events relevant to your business in near real-time. More Information... 33


Powerful FinTech Engine that simply works. is the back-end software for the quickest start of FinTech products for banks and entrepreneurs. More Information...


CreditOnline 33


Loan management system ready for any aspect of loan business with fully automated loan life cycle process. With over 80 successful projects in 8 countries over past 6 years. More Information...


iRooms 33


iRooms Virtual Data Room is an online platform used for secure online file storage and collaboration during M&A, real estate, and other highly sensitive transactions. More Information...


Pri-Num 32


Pri-Num offers versatile and secure digital enablement solutions that can be embedded into devices, services, and experiences. More Information...


BankSight 28


With BankSight's Intelligent Banking CRM including a Commercial Lending Deal Builder Application bankers never miss opportunities to proactively engage with their customers. More Information...


ContractZen 28


ContractZen is a cloud service that features several electronic signature methods, metadata-driven document management, datarooms (VDR), meeting management and much more. More Information...


AdviceRobo 28


AdviceRobo is a psychographic risk scoring. Adds information to assess creditworthiness of thin file customers applying for loan. Increases acceptance at better risk levels. Connected via API More Information...


ShadowBid 25


ShadowBid applies advanced AI to help you save money on Amazon with automated purchases when the price drops. We save you $100's while you spend more time enjoying life. More Information...


RootAnt 9


RootAnt provides global financial institutions with easy to use and user-friendly investing platform that improve the investor experience. More Information...

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