Best Fitness & Health Software in 2018

This type of software deals with various aspects of fitness and well-being. Products in this category cover areas like nutrition and dieting, exercise and fitness, as well as basic healthcare applications commonly used for physical and wellness treatments. Using these solutions, you can schedule dieting and exercise regimens, and track the progress of clients and patients. Programs of this nature also allow you to manage appointments, meetings and other events. 


EZFacility 80


EZFacility is web-based software for sports and fitness business operations. More Information...


TeamUp 72


TeamUp is a leading bookings, payments and client management system serving the health and fitness market. More Information...


MindBody 91


BindBody is a salon management software designed for the Health and Wellness industry. More Information...


Thapos 48


Complete youth sports management platform for sports clubs, academies, teams, coaches, athletes, and parents. Unique platform to manage all aspects of a sports club. More Information...


Healthie 49


Healthie is the leading HIPAA-compliant EHR & Telehealth platform for nutrition professionals. More Information...

CARROT Wellness

CARROT Wellness 28


CARROT is a mobile app that rewards you financially for walking and meeting personalized goals. There is nothing else like it. More Information...

We Act Challenge

We Act Challenge 12


WeAct develops innovative & interactive, online-based engagement programs to promote sustainability, health and cooperation within organisations. More Information...

Spoon Guru

Spoon Guru 12


Spoon Guru enables food businesses to refine their product offering to deliver tailored food choices and truly personalised shopping experiences to each individual customer. More Information...

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