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Best Restaurant & Hospitality Software in 2018

Restaurant and hospitality software solutions cover the service industry and provide tools for the promotion and management of restaurants, hotels and other venues. These programs are used to book accommodation and promote restaurants, order ingredients and other supplies, sell tickets to events, compare prices and plan trips from start to finish. In addition, businesses can gain insights into customer reviews and increase customer satisfaction. These solutions are also used in the travel and tourism industry for supply chain management and event management purposes. 


Properly 59


Properly’s is a web and app based tool for short-term rental cleaning of properties. More Information...


Kitchify 23


Kitchify is the leader in automated vendor price comparison and multi-vendor one click order submission saving businesses significant money and time. More Information...

TouchBistro POS

TouchBistro POS 74


TouchBistro is an iPad POS solution for restaurants – with every feature designed to meet the unique needs and fast pace of the foodservice industry. More Information...

truDigital Signage

truDigital Signage 29


Whether you are looking to roll-out new displays or you want to upgrade your existing network, give us 10 minutes on the phone and we'll show you why we are worth your time. More Information...


7shifts 89


7shifts is an easy to use scheduling app designed specifically for restaurants. Save time scheduling, reduce your labor costs, and streamline staff communication. More Information...


Schedulefly 80


Used by over 6,500 restaurants, Schedulefly is a great way to oversee and manage your restaurant from one centralized platform. More Information...


Upserve 73


Upserve puts everything restaurateurs need to know in one place, providing real-time guidance to unlock the power of their menu, workforce and guest habits. More Information...




The DJUBO Property Management System - Everything you need to run and manage your Hotel all in single dashboard. More Information...

Clock PMS

Clock PMS 70


Clock PMS is a cloud based hotel management system for any accommodation provider. Web booking engine, Channel manager, Guest self service and more. More Information...

Hotelogix PMS

Hotelogix PMS 67


Hotelogix helps you to manage your hotel property booking system with various features. It seamlessly organizes the key operations and activities of a hotel. More Information...


Spoonfed 58


Spoonfed is an online catering software that allows you to generate profit by managing time, workflow, and cost. More Information...

Inn Style

Inn Style 54


Inn Style is the PMS you'll be happy to stay with: a beautiful bookings calendar, daily diary and payment processing machine rolled into one simple-to-use tool. More Information...


SimpleOrder 53


SimpleOrder is an all-in-one restaurant inventory management platform designed to optimize Back of House operations, featuring online purchasing, real-time food & menu costing More Information...


Qloapps 50


Qloapps is a comprehensive online hotel reservation and booking system. It is a free and open-source software designed to help launch hotel booking website. More Information...


Preoday 49


Preoday is a mobile and online ordering platform enabling businesses to offer branded pre-ordering facilities to customers buying food, drink, merchandise and making bookings. More Information...

Hotelier 101

Hotelier 101 43


Hotelier 101 - Easy-to-use, Cloud-based Hotel Software (Property Management System). More Information...

FineDine Menu

FineDine Menu 41


FineDine Menu is a SaaS menu management platform and a responsive digital menu app which allows restaurant managers to create operational e-menu on iPads and Android tablets. More Information...

Revel Systems

Revel Systems 73


Revel Systems is a POS solution for multi-location businesses. More Information...

ID Scanner

ID Scanner 38


Smartphone ID scanning to protect your liquor license and prevent the use of fake IDs. More Information...

talech POS

talech POS 69


talech is a POS software designed to help restaurant and retail businesses simplify operations and uncover insights to make better decisions. More Information...


iKentoo 68


iKentoo is an advanced iPad-based Point of Sale and business management system for restaurants, multi-site chains, food trucks, festivals, bars, hotels, coffee shops and more. More Information...

eZee Optimus

eZee Optimus 34


eZee Optimus is a cloud based, complete restaurant POS system for seamless management of single or multiple chain of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and more. More Information...


Parseur 67


We process your emails automatically, extracting relevant data to automate your workflow in real estate, job applications, deliveries, ride sharing and financial trading. More Information...


mycloud 32


A comprehensive cloud based online hotel management software which is reliable and secure to manage your hotels operations. More Information...


Eventopedia 32


Hospitality Sales & Marketing Software, helping hotels, venues and restaurants increase their event revenues. Increase sales conversion from multiple channels. More Information...


VnuMngr 30


VnuMngr is a Sales, Marketing & Operation Cloud Software for Venues, Bars, Lounges and Restaurants More Information...




Asap foodz is wireless ordering POS management software for restaurants. It wirelessly automates the ordering operations in the restaurants. More Information...

Restaurant Zone

Restaurant Zone 29


RestaurantZone helps restaurants and hospitality sector hire great employees by offering a variety of products & solutions. More Information...


MyOrderPlacer 29


Sarbari's cloud-based restaurant purchasing software, MyOrderPlacer, helps owners and operators around the country streamline the buying process in the back-of-the-house. More Information...


Qfer 29


Qfer is mobile marketing solution developed specifically for restaurants and fast food chains. App, pre-ordering, offers, loyalty, analytics, user profiles. More Information...


Hostfully 61


Hostfully allows property managers to create digital, personalized and platform agnostic guidebooks, so guests have the best local experience possible. More Information...


Placebag 27


Placebag enables restaurants, clubs, and hospitality brands to provide online ordering on their own website, Facebook account, and an optional downloadable mobile app. More Information...


Weemss 59


Weemss is an end-to-end ticketing and awards management platform. It gives event organizers a new way to create, promote, sell, and manage their events and awards contests. More Information...


Say2eat 26


Say2eat’s white label solution enables chains and restaurants within the food industry to create personalized consumer engagements that lead to desired business outcomes. More Information...

Fullview HMS

Fullview HMS 26


FullviewHMS is a complete hotel management software for your hotel's overall growth. It is designed to increase occupancy and reduce admin load. More Information...


InnkeyPMS 26


InnkeyPMS, is the next generation property management system,which automates your business with an easy-to-use enterprise platform that provides centralized controls. More Information...


Cubilis 48


The Cubilis Channel Manager is a part of the Cubilis Hotel Software package that manages all owner's booking sites (OTAs). More Information...

DEXCell Energy Manager

DEXCell Energy Manager 40


DEXCell Energy Manager is a powerful, hardware-neutral energy analytics platform that helps facility managers detect, analyse and control building energy costs. More Information...

AuricVault® Tokenization Service

AuricVault® Tokenization Service 25


The AuricVault® service tokenizes data and stores sensitive data off-site away from thieves. Data can be de-tokenized and shared securely with your business associates. More Information...

Kopa Restaurant

Kopa Restaurant 11


Start your restaurant business with all-in-one Online Food Ordering System & Restaurant Management Software. More Information...

eDelivery App

eDelivery App 10


eDeliveryApp is an online ordering system built for businesses that do local delivery like restaurants/food, grocery shops, etc. More Information...

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