Best Application Monitoring & Performance Software in 2018

This group of software monitors software applications to see whether they are performing as expected. The right application performance monitoring software helps improve end-user experience, reduce user complaints, maintain business continuity, increase productivity, and foster innovation. These products measure application performance on the basis of metrics, such as, average response rates, transaction volume, error rates, and data throughput. Different products focus on different aspects of application performance, so choosing the right product for your exact needs is important. For instance, you may need a product that helps track the average time for login or one that lets you know how users behave after they download your application. Key factors to consider include stack visibility, system security, and reporting capability, among others. 

Performance Analyzer

Performance Analyzer 57


Monitor and Analyze Cloud configuration and performance metrics. Correlate events and metrics of your vSphere and its guest OS and applications. More Information...

Revulytics Usage

Revulytics Usage 52


Purpose-built for distributed software applications, Usage Intelligence provides software usage analytics of user activity and computing environments on Windows, Mac & Linux. More Information...

syslink Xandria

syslink Xandria 33


syslink Xandria is a smart and reliable SAP system performance monitoring & Management solution focused on Enterprise-grade large-scale SAP deployments. More Information...

New Relic

New Relic 87


New Relic is an Application Performance Management (APM) solution. It offers software and web analytics for startups, SMEs, and large corporations. More Information...


Dynatrace 87


Dynatrace is professional application performance monitoring platform. More Information...


AppDynamics 87


AppDynamycs is an application performance monitoring platform. More Information...


Coralogix 77


By applying its machine learning algorithms, Coralogix is helping companies get a hold of their log data and proactively solve their production problems. More Information...


Dareboost 77


Dareboost is an online tool to test, analyze and monitor your website speed and quality. We offer the best of Synthetic Monitoring with Real Browser Testing. More Information...


Kumulos 62


Kumulos is the White Label, Multi-tenant, Mobile App Management Platform used by thousands of developers in 25+ Countries across 5 Continents. More Information...

Avi Vantage

Avi Vantage 58


The Avi Vantage Platform is built on software-defined architectural principles to create a centrally managed pool of distributed software load balancers. More Information...

GSX Solutions

GSX Solutions 58


GSX provides out-of-the box monitoring to ensure your apps are performing the way they should, all around the world, whether they’re on-premises, hybrid, or in the cloud. More Information...

Veeam Availability

Veeam Availability 89


Veeam® Availability Suite™ combines industry-leading backup, restore and replication capabilities with the advanced monitoring, reporting and capacity planning functionality. More Information...


OctoPerf 54


OctoPerf is a load testing platform based on JMeter. It allows realistic and accessible load testing, collaborative work, cloud and on-premise injection. More Information...


WAPT Pro 50


WAPT Pro is a load and performance testing tool that works for any web site from a simple web service to a customized ERP or CRM solution. More Information...

Eltima Port Virtualization

Eltima Port Virtualization 78


The Technology allows versatile implementation of port technologies into your product. It uses high-level encryption for data transfer to keep it safe. More Information...


Countly 75


360° Web and Mobile Analytics platform. It collects data from applications, processes this data in real-time and gives you advanced tools to understand your users better. More Information...


Atatus 40


Atatus is a SaaS-delivered application performance and error tracking solution, delivering full-stack visibility for all your apps. More Information...

CloudBerry Remote Assistant

CloudBerry Remote Assistant 72


CloudBerry Remote Assistant is a Windows software for remote control and desktop sharing. More Information...

Heimdall Data

Heimdall Data 30


Heimdall Data provides SQL caching without ANY code changes. We find your SQL bottlenecks *and* resolve them on one platform. More Information...


StormForger 29


StormForger is a load and performance testing tool for Agile & DevOps teams to do continuous performance testing in the cloud. More Information...


BitNinja 61


BitNinja is an easy-to-use server security tool, which can be installed on your server within a couple of minutes and requires virtually no maintenance. More Information...


HaltDos 27


HaltDos is a software-based service that can defend against a wide range of DDoS attacks within seconds to ensure high uptime of your website / web services. More Information...




Cluster CS is a SaaS platform, a remote management panel for servers running Linux (currently Centos 6,7, Red Hat 6,7 and Amazon AMI). More Information...


CloudSploit 39


CloudSploit is a security and configuration scanner that can detect hundreds of threats in your AWS account. More Information...

Office 365 Management Suite

Office 365 Management Suite 38


Office 365 Management Suite is an automated Office 365 Solution for Administration, Governance, Security and Compliance. More Information...

Office 365 Migration Planner

Office 365 Migration Planner 37


Office 365 Migration Planner is used to analyze your on-premise infrastructure and optimize your move to Office 365. More Information...

Dockit SharePoint Manager

Dockit SharePoint Manager 37


Dockit SharePoint Manager solution enables organizations to manage, administer, govern, audit and monitor their SharePoint servers. More Information...

Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric 36


Quantum Metric simplifies discovery of digital customer struggle, helping enterprises identify and prioritize customer experience improvements. More Information...


Unigma 31


Unigma aims to enable IT companies to extend their reach further into the cloud, and provide their customers’ a deeper, more holistic set of services. More Information...

Images optimizer

Images optimizer 31


Useful optimization tool for JPEG, PNG, SVG and GIF images. Decrease file sizes by 70% or more in seconds. More Information...


OpsStack 30


OpsStack is the Unified Ops Management Platform for the future - integrating every key aspect of Ops & DevOps for full-stack, full-lifecycle management. More Information...


AlertOps 30


An incident management system that helps IT and DevOps teams optimize their alerts from various monitoring systems to greatly reduce alert fatigue and MTTR. More Information...


testRTC 28


testRTC is a testing and monitoring SaaS based platform for WebRTC-based applications and services. More Information... 27


Web Vulnerability Scanning suite for Agile Teams, that automates the scanning of Web Applications and lets you efficiently manage the lifecycle of those vulnerabilities. More Information...


Traken 23


With Traken you can build clear mobile dashboards that keep your teams instantly informed. More Information...

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