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<p>Source: <a href="" target="_blank">Easy Website Builders Market Research</a>, Crozdesk</p>

Best Easy Website Builders Software in 2018

The Easy Website Builders market is characterized by a wide range of website building solutions that focus on providing users with the tools to easily create and maintain professional looking websites.

This market has evolved in recent years and website builders now deliver a wider range of powerful features that were once reserved for traditional web design agencies. Products in this category tend to offer freemium do-it-yourself website building solutions that provide a quick and simple way for small businesses and amateurs to build their own websites. Some vendors offer professional developer platforms that offer advanced website building tools and additional utilities, such as content management systems.

An additional segment of this market is open-source website builders that are supported by massive communities, such as Wordpress and Joomla. That said, for all products in this market, knowledge in coding and graphic design is not a prerequisite as virtually all products offer shortcuts, mostly through high-quality website templates and drag-and-drop functionality.

The Crozdesk Market Radar™ reveals that the market frontrunners are Google Sites, SquareSpace, and Weebly, with each of them focusing on a different aspect of website building, such as eCommerce or team collaboration. The rest of the market is varied and competitive, with challengers expanding on the do-it-yourself formula by providing advanced features, such as niche specific templates, landing page creators, widget creators, and even solutions for lead generation, social media website building, marketing, blogging and eCommerce.

This ranking was published on November 16, 2017. For the most up-to-date Crozscores, user reviews and other information please have a look at the full list of Easy Website Builders products.

These products help create and launch a website easily and quickly. They offer an ideal solution for business owners or professionals who want to get started quickly, with no knowledge of coding required. Key software features of easy website builders include drag-and-drop content widgets, the ability to monitor website traffic from a dashboard, the ability to add custom features, design templates and themes, background images and content management systems. Some products even allow you to build corporate sites, mobile applications, news websites, and government applications.