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What is Catvertiser?

"Catvertiser offers smarter Facebook advertising. It allows you to create, run and optimize advertising campaigns on Facebook more effectively than other standard tools."

Catvertiser.com simplifies and automates Facebook advertising and by providing the features hidden deep in Facebook's ads API, helps all advertisers make the most out of their buck. No more paying just for impressions or empty clicks thanks to CPA bidding model. No more wondering if Facebook ads really sell and if yes, how much. Thanks to Google Analytics integration, every single creative will have the sales or leads it generated assigned to it. And with just a few clicks advertisers can now optimize their campaigns based on real ROI they yield.

Catvertiser scored 35/100 in the Advertising & Affiliate category. This is based on user satisfaction (90/100), press buzz (28/100), recent user trends (falling), and other relevant information on Catvertiser gathered from around the web.

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Catvertiser Product Overview

  • Thanks to connecting Catvertiser account with Google Analytics advertisers are given more extensive, valuable data about the behavior of the customers they gained using Facebook Ads.

  • Advertisers trying to optimize the time od display of their adverts needs the exact hourly data to see how their ads are performing depending on the time. Catvertiser, apart from standard daily stats, gives advertisers possibility to track the performance, costs of their ads hour by hour.

  • Automatic post boosting helps our customers promote posts from their Facebook Pages automatically selecting their advertising strategy and defining post boosting configuration (for example which types of posts should be boosted using Catvertiser automatic post boosting engine)

  • With CPA bidding model available on Catvertiser, advertisers can run Facebook advertising campaigns paying for real effects of their campaign (new page likes, website clicks or new installs of their mobile apps).

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