Best Referral Marketing Software in 2018

Referral marketing software aims to utilise the benefits of customer advocacy for growing your brand. Refer-a-friend and other advocacy products will often embed seamlessly within your own website and marketing communications; empowering customers to spread the word about your brand, promoting referrals, and enabling your to track and monitor activity. A successful product will significantly increase referrals from word of mouth and social media sharing - leading to a great ROI. 

Referral Rock

Referral Rock 72


Referral Rock provides online referral marketing automation software to help any business get more customers using the power of their own network. More Information...

Mention Me

Mention Me 70


Mention Me is a powerful referral marketing solution chosen by 200+ top brands. Our unique software enables brands to harness customer advocacy to drive customer acquisition. More Information...

Referral SaaSquatch

Referral SaaSquatch 69


Referral SaaSquatch builds modern customer referral software. Companies use our software to reward customers for their positive word of mouth with a variety of incentives. More Information...


AppVirality 67


AppVirality's powerful referral marketing solution helps you customize, launch and automate referral campaigns for mobile apps and SaaS platforms. More Information...


Refersion 77


Referson is an online tool for tracking referrals and operate affiliate programs. More Information...


Ambassador 77


Ambassador empowers marketing teams to increase revenue by leveraging the power of word-of-mouth. Our marketer-friendly software simplifies affiliate marketing. More Information...

Au.thor.i.ty. IRM

Au.thor.i.ty. IRM 34


Au.thor.i.ty. IRM is an enterprise advocacy tool used for to handle influencer relationship management and influencer-led advocacy campaigns. More Information...


Ambassify 33


Manage and direct online word of mouth and maximize its effect. Create a stable, vibrant community of advocates who will act as your fervent evangelists to drive growth. More Information...


Crowdskout 57


Crowdskout is the first CRM and data analytics platform built to help advocacy-driven organizations and activists understand and connect with their supporters. More Information...

Annex Cloud

Annex Cloud 44


Our solutions work individually or as a platform to build genuine loyalty, foster customer advocacy, and generate impactful user generated content. More Information...


Fraudhunt 24


FraudHunt helps companies to monitor their traffic quality, mitigate malicious bot activity, and prevent click fraud, account fraud, and other types of online fraud. More Information...


Vouchery 6

(0) helps companies to create timely triggered, predictive discount, referral, and coupon programs, that optimize for customer engagement & profitability. More Information...

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