Best Other Software in 2018

As the name suggests, this category of software includes all applications that don’t quite fit any other category. It includes software that helps businesses navigate varied problems like editing specialised documents, or managing team-related issues - in cases where this isn't already covered by other categories. 

Proprofs Quiz

Proprofs Quiz 85


ProProfs Quiz Maker is a web-based, comprehensive, easy to use quiz authoring tool that will let you create, disseminate and grade online quizzes saving tons of paperwork. More Information...

FullContact Customer Intelligence API

FullContact Customer Intelligence API 80


FullContact offers industry-leading Customer Intelligence APIs which enable companies to unlock the benefits of understanding their customers and prospects holistically. More Information...


Akamai 79


Akamai is a cloud-based content delivery network (CDN). More Information...


PDF Pro 70


PDF Pro is an online service enabling users to create, edit and review PDF files. More Information...


ClimaCell 53


ClimaCell HD WeatherLayer provides the most accurate weather data in the world by integrating ClimaCell’s proprietary data extracted from wireless networks. More Information...


FullContact 84


FullContact is a unified cloud-based address book that syncs contacts across multiple devices and accounts. The app is currently available for web, iOS, Android, and Chrome. More Information...


Roundme 79


Roundme is the world's most hassle-free 360 VR publishing and panoramic tours authoring platform. Roundme community members are photographers, real estate agents, travellers. More Information...

HissenIT Kiosk

HissenIT Kiosk 37


HissenIT Kiosk is a Web Browser in Kiosk mode. The Kiosk browser is displayed in full screen, hiding all other system bars or icons. More Information...


SkySignature 67


SkySignature is an online electronic, Digital Signature application. Type Anywhere capability, Sign-Here tags, custom, unique advanced encryption algorithm to ensure security. More Information...


ScaleGrid 62


ScaleGrid's fully managed database hosting makes it easy to automate, secure, and scale your MongoDB and Redis deployments on AWS, Azure, and DigitalOcean. More Information...


Shopnix 53


Shopnix is an eCommerce service provider. On sign-up, you get a free eCommerce website with everything you need to be able to sell online. More Information...


EditionGuard 49


EditionGuard protects your eBooks with Adobe Content Server DRM, so you don't have to worry about piracy and unauthorized distribution. More Information...


Simplaex 48


At Simplaex, we build smarter tools for the programmatic advertising ecosystem activations. More Information...

External Data Connector

External Data Connector 37


External Data Connector is used for importing and sharing external data on SharePoint. More Information...


Screenfluence 36


Screenfluence provides businesses with the ability to remotely manage and showcase their digital content on any display. More Information...


easyB 29


easyB is a complete Fleet Management System for Transportation companies. Vendors can Manage their customer database, Vehicle Tracking, and Booking Management. More Information...


Oculyze 28


Our automated image recognition software and mobile microscope enable you to take a microscopic image and get results within seconds, wherever you are. More Information...


Akku 26


Akku is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that acts as a gateway on the Cloud to provide access control based upon single sign-on authorization to various cloud apps More Information...


iComplied 21


iComplied is a complete audit solution catering to Quality, Food, H&S professionals. We built the platform using the latest technology to help you move to a paperless solution More Information...

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