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What is Crocagile?

Think slack for agile teams, with everything you need to complete a project from start to finish.

Crocagile gives a much-needed boost to agile practices with cutting edge technology, making it fun and enjoyable for everyone on the team to participate in the product lifecycle.

Group chat is free for everyone, and their premium agile workspaces are an affordable $5 per user.

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Crocagile Product Overview

  • Community - Join other Agile enthusiasts.

  • Support - We're here for you.

  • Agile Tools - Full Product Life-cycle, Epics, Sprints, Stories, Tasks, Kanban.

  • Team Messaging - Group Chat, Collaboration.

  • Ticketing System - Issues, Feedback, Support.

  • File Sharing - Store and Share files with commenting.

Crocagile Pricing Plans

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Team messaging (group chat) and community (Twitter for agile enthusiasts) are free. Premium agile workspaces are $5 per user, per month.

Stats & Other Information on Crocagile

Company Info
Founded 2012
Based in Deland
Employees 2-10
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Alexa Rank: 0
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Languages: English

Crocagile FAQs

What platforms does Crocagile support? (e.g. native mobile apps)

Web, mobile, tablet

What are some applications Crocagile is commonly used in tandem with?

You can use Crocagile as a stand alone solution. We offer a complete tool set that keeps your team in one place. You can use our team messaging and file sharing but as a courtesy we integrate with slack and dropbox.

Does Crocagile offer an API?

You bet!

Who are the main user groups of Crocagile?

Agile teams, technology teams, SMBs, startups, teams interested in learning agile.

Does Crocagile integrate with any other apps?

Yes, Github, Slack and Dropbox.

Does Crocagile offer multi-user capability? (e.g. teams)


Does Crocagile offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

This is one of those areas we spend most of our time. You can find tutorials, blogs, and reach our team inside Crocagile. We're a community of agile enthusiasts and together we help each other while building amazing tools.

What is Crocagile generally used for?

Agile development, building software, team collaboration, file sharing, issues, ticketing.

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A great tool for any agile team. Stay organized, focused and communicate in real time, in the same work space. No reason not to check out Crocagile!

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