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What is SumoMe?

"SumoMe is a suite of free(mium) tools that grow your website's traffic. All SumoMe tools are easy to install and compatible with any page or site."

SumoMe is a freemium collection of web tools that massively boost user engagement, viral sharing and promotion.

Working on any site, including the most popular blog platforms, SumoMe features 'one-click' installs of all their component tools - being completely customisable for the project in hand.

The modular tools can be combined to reach users, encourage sharing, increase time-on-site and boost audience and engagement.

SumoMe scored 69/100 in the Lead Generation category. This is based on user satisfaction (71/100), expert reviews (90/100), press buzz (58/100), and other relevant information on SumoMe gathered from around the web.

The score for this service has declined over the past month. What is this?

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SumoMe Review

Editors' Review by the Lead Generation Software Review Team

Each week we feature an app that has caught the attention of the Crozdesk community. We look for exciting features that make our lives easier, apps that take a radical approach to existing problems or a service that has everyone talking about it. In other words, apps that we think you should know about. This week’s featured app is SumoMe – an innovative solution from the makers of AppSumo, offering subscribers a suite of tools designed to grow web traffic through site optimisation and analysis.

SumoMe: Tools for Web Traffic Growth

SumoMe, Tools to Grow your Web Traffic: Crozdesk App of the Week

Grow your Web Traffic with SumoMe

Designed by the makers of innovative online deals platform, AppSumo, SumoMe offers an impressive range of tools designed to boost web traffic, increase content sharing and improve visitor engagement. Initial set up of SumoMe requires the addition of a line of code to the HTML of a site, once complete, SumoMe can accessed from within the website itself and its various features can be activated and customised from here.

SumoMe, Tools to Grow your Web Traffic: Crozdesk App of the Week

Subscribers can activate SumoMe by adding a line of code to the HTML of their site

SumoMe offers an impressive range of tools, these include List Builder – designed to turn visitors into email list subscribers; content analysis tools and a contact form feature, enabling SumoMe subscribers to easily implement contact form functionality on their website. In addition to these, SumoMe offers four particularly useful features: Share; Heatmaps; Listbuilder and Discover.


SumoMe, Tools to Grow your Web Traffic: Crozdesk App of the Week

SumoMe’s Share function

The Share function within SumoMe is designed to make it as easy as possible to get content seen and heard online. Offering connectivity with 16 different social applications, including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, Share enables easy implementation of social sharing buttons on a subscriber’s site and gives site visitors the option to easily share the content they find there.

SumoMe, Tools to Grow your Web Traffic: Crozdesk App of the Week

The Share dashboard offers social sharing data and customisation options

The Share dashboard allows subscribers to monitor share data, select which social applications are displayed and adjust the size, design and page position of share buttons. Professional subscribers can choose to display different sharing buttons to mobile and desktop users; download a history of their share data and implement UTM tracking, in order to show where share traffic originates.


SumoMe, Tools to Grow your Web Traffic: Crozdesk App of the Week

The Heatmaps function indicates user interaction hotspots on a given site

Useful for site development and the positioning of visitor engagement features such as call-to-action buttons, SumoMe’s Heatmaps feature allows site owners to keep track of user interaction hotspots – those parts of a site that visitors click on most. The function offers real-time data relating to an unlimited number of pages and can be custom-branded for professional use.

List Builder

SumoMe, Tools to Grow your Web Traffic: Crozdesk App of the Week

List Builder uses pop-up email capture boxes to add site visitors to a mailing list

Designed to engage visitors by subscribing them to a mailing list, SumoMe’s List Builder feature detects the moment a web user is about to leave and serves them a customisable email address collection popup. Professional subscribers benefit from A/B testing, non-branded and multiple-popup functionality, among other features. Unusually, List Builder is mobile optimised – ensuring data from mobile visitors can be also collected. List Builder also integrates with a variety of email marketing apps, including MailChimp, Aweber and Get Response – allowing SumoMe subscribers to make the most of their newly collected email list.

SumoMe, Tools to Grow your Web Traffic: Crozdesk App of the Week

List Builder’s pop-up email capture functionality


The latest app in SumoMe’s range, Discover connects subscribers with more than 150,000 sites with the aim of generating more traffic for those involved. The Discover feature works via mutual sharing of content on a credit based system. Links to external content can be placed on a subscriber’s page, generating credits for each view or click of this content. Similarly, subscribers can choose to spend their credits by having their content featured on associated sites.

SumoMe, Tools to Grow your Web Traffic: Crozdesk App of the Week

Grids within SumoMe offer mutual content sharing

Content is displayed in grids – pop-up displays of content or scroll boxes – smaller scroll-enabled popups. Discover offers subscribers a dashboard, displaying incoming and outgoing traffic, while the design feature allows you to edit the look and feel of grids and scroll boxes.

SumoMe, Tools to Grow your Web Traffic: Crozdesk App of the Week

SumoMe’s Discover function allows content to be featured and shared


SumoMe’s complete toolbox is available free, albeit with limited functionality. Professional subscription to individual elements of  SumoMe, such as List Builder, can be purchased from the  SumoMe store while bulk packages are also available, such as the Starter and Pro plans – more information can be found on the  SumoMe pricing page.

SumoMe, Tools to Grow your Web Traffic: Crozdesk App of the Week

SumoMe offers paid plans for professional subscribers

SumoMe: Simple to use and Effective

SumoMe allows subscribers to quickly and easily implement website features which could otherwise take some time to complete, particularly for those lacking in web development experience. Simple-to-use and effective, SumoMe is a highly useful app for anyone looking to improve web traffic and optimise site performance.

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SumoMe Product Overview

  • Social Sharing

  • Email List Builder

  • Heat Map Functionality

  • Content Analytics

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Complete waste of time; poorly thought out

SumoMe... I don't know why my consultant recommended it.

1) When I first installed the plugin for WordPress, the location of it's popout activation icon interfered with my drop down menu at WP.
2) Its Listbuilder function, even when I properly connected it to Mailchimp, would not push the email addr's it collected into my Mailchimp blast list.
3) Most recently, I logged into my WordPress acct and I don't have the blue upper right crown icon via my WP dashboard at all (so I can get into SumoMe via WP)! I need the list of all email addr's SM's ListBuilder feature has collected since I activated it, so I tried accessing that info via the SumoMe area in the left control bar AND at https://sumome.com and there's no way to even see that list--which would be logical and helpful. Geez!
4) I tried their Submit a Ticket feature to report the above problem and only got this error: This webpage has a redirect loop. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

This plugin has been a huge waste of time and (except for, at one time, showing some info about the email addrs it collected when it did work) completely worthless. Absolute top of SKIP IT list for plug ins. Avoid SumoMe altogether. These people have a lot of work to do before this is worth anyone's time.

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